THE MESSAGE (A Nepali Short Film)

Hello beautiful people around the world, I would like to give you this gift which is my first narrative short film THE MESSAGE on the occasion of valentine day. I have tried to tell the story as an actor and director both point of view. I am sure there will be many mistakes in the movie please feel free to do some constructive comments so that I can learn from those mistakes and make some good movies in future.

I would like to say loads of thank you to my family,friends and you the audience for being interested in my work and for your great support towards my work and I know without you love I wouldn’t be able to bring this work infront of you today.

Special thanks to Ghauchot production for great cinematography, Javiya films for production, Manish Lama and Prajwol for great acting and all the crew and casts of THE MESSAGE who did the hard work to make this movie happen.

Other special thanks goes to our Creative Society for very important last minute advises about the whole movie.

Now can you make sure your HD is on, sound is full, get some coffee and pop corn, feel and enjoy the movie.

This movie is dedicated to all the FALLEN HEROES who has lost their life and got injured during the line of duty.

Thank you for giving your precious time to read this and watch this Nepali short film THE MESSAGE.

God bless you all.

Veemsen Lama
15 Feb 2013