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A graduate fights against the world to get his family back but something is on the way. Casts James Dallimore Jack Hannon Veemsen Lama Jonathan Stuart Roebuck Erik Mikevics Crews Aerial Cinematographer/Production Manager- Eyyaz Chishty Production Designer/Art Director- Johathan Stuart Roebuck 1st AD and Producer- Dipo Etti Cynthia Rogue Khalil Camera Operator- Eyyaz Chishty Amir Mekkaoui Director Of Photography- Charlotte Regan Sound Recorder- Abz Foyez Written By- Jack Hanon Script Supervisor- Shazar Mall Editor/VFX- Erik Mikevics Colourist- Ayo Di Vario Music Score and Sound Designed By- Steve Foster Story and Directed By- Veemsen Lama Special Thanks to Zalu Sunuwar Lama, […]

Short Film Rupees 500 An Official Trailer 2014

Birkha Bahadur is local porter in Kathmandu Nepal who has many dreams like others. One day he makes Rs 500 after work, after that day he wants to change his life style and plans different things but something is waiting in his fate….. Casts Birkha Bahadur- Shyam Khadka Business man-Nil Shrestha Nepali Hat Shopkeeper-Shraddha Tankukar Clothes Shopkeeer-Sumit Shrestha Birkha Bahadur’s friend-Hari Shrestha Shoes Shopkeeper-Binod Stapit —————————————-­—————————————-­———- Crews Make up- Manisha Lama Photographer/Behind the scene/Sound recordist-Manish Lama Cinematography-Veemsen Lama/Rabi Lama(Ghau Chot Production) Aerial Cinematogrpaher- Anup Gurung Editing/VFX- Biki Gurung Written by-Bisham Thakuri Produced by- Zali Sunuwar Lama Directed by-Veemsen Lama —————————————-­—————————————-­———- […]

Short Film The Doll An Official Trailer 2014

Jim wakes up inside unknown area of haunted house after he finds a box on the way to his home. Casts Jim Gurung Sirjana Gurung Crews: Cinematographer: Chandra Pun First AC:Resham Pun Produced by:Tom Cullingham Special Adviser:Dr Tej Kumar Sunuwar Edit and VFX:Sam Jang/Erik Music/Sound/Audio: Steve Foster Written and Directed by: Veemsen Lama Special Thanks to Prasan Kerung Intake Beats Rabi Lama Ghau Chot Production Dilip Gurung Steve Foster Shazar Mall All The Friends And The Family PLEASE FOR MORE UPDATES SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL FOLLOW US AT… Category