Deepak Gurung by trade is a professional singer, song writer, composer, musician, British army and filmmaker who is back with his new record HRIDAYA VITRA after decade(10 years) after the success of AAGAMAN and TIMI KINA, he was busy with his professional and personal life but will be making your body rock with his dance and r&b tunes.

Please don’t be the last person to experience his HD music video and I had the opportunity to direct and film his music video with collaboration with another filmmaker Chandra Pun and Intake beatz’s Prasan Kerung. I am already excited to share our vision. Thank you.

Deepak Gurung
Lyrics: Shrees (INTAKE 99)
Model/Actress: Vabna Rai
Music: Deepak Gurung
Arranger: Sidhartha Gurung & Subin Gurung
Cinematography: Veemsen Lama & Chandra Pun
Direction: Veemsen Lama, Chandra Pun & Assisted by Prasan Kerrung (INTAKE BEATZ)
Assistants: Lila & Ratna (2RGR CIS PL)

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