Official Selection : 

Los Angeles Cine Festival 2015

Synopsis :

Two strangers cross paths one night and instantly connect. As they take a walk, they get to know each other and create an everlasting bond.


Hendrik Elstein

Kristin Foster

Jim Gurung


Directed by Veemsen Lama

Written and Produced by Dipo Etti

Story by Veemsen Lama and Nick Collins

Associate Producer Jim Gurung

Cinematography by Akhil Kanukunthla

Script Supervisor by Garth Twa

Sound Recorded by Biki Gurung

Make Up by Georgia Crockford

Edited/VFX by Eriks Mickevics

Color Graded by Eriks Mickevics

Casting Directed by Dipo Etti

Music Composed by Antonio Floravanti

Sound Designed by Fionn Lucas

Timelapse Photography by Tom Cullingham

Special Thanks To

Sirjana Gurung

Zali Sunuwar Lama

Amir Mekkaoui

Garth Twa